Knitting & Crocheting Classes for All Skill Levels

Join other enthusiasts and learn the arts of knitting, crocheting, and weaving from experts. We offer classes that cater to knitters of all skill levels, so bring your friends and make it an exciting event.

Intro to Brioche
Learn the latest trending technique: brioche! In this class, you will learn how to knit two-color brioche stitch in the round to make a cowl. You will learn the basic brioche stitches and some brioche abbreviations, too. Join us for this fun course with color and texture!
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Next Step Spinning
Learn how to ply and finish your handspun yarn. Basic plying, Navajo plying, and cable plying will be discussed as well as finishing techniques to set your twist. Students should bring a handspun singles to work with during class.
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Knit 101
This is the class for those students who have never picked up knitting needles. Learn to cast on, knit & purl! Great intro to the joys of knitting!
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Portuguese Knitting
Come learn a new style of knitting which is completely different than English or Continental. Your yarn is tensioned around your neck or with a knitting pin. Find out why this style of knitting is great for people with carpal tunnel, arthritis, etc. **Cost of class includes knitting pin**
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Knit 102
Build on the basics learned in Knit 101. Learn a variety of increases and decreases and how to bind off. This is a great next step for beginner knitters.
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Intro to Fair Isle
Always wanted to make colorful garments and accessories, but you've been intimidated by learning fair isle? This is the class for you! You will learn how to do stranded colorwork while knitting a cowl. Techniques introduced are how to read a color chart, hold yarn in two hands, and catch floats. Join Kim for a night of knitting in color.
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Moebius Baskets
This two-part workshop will get you started on felted Moebius baskets! You'll learn the Moebius cast-on, how to pick up stitches, and all about felting. The first session will focus on the cast-on and Moebius band, and the second session will focus on finishing the baskets (including machine felting at the shop!). These make great gifts and are lovely to decorate the house.
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Drop Spindle Spinning
Spinning is fun and portable on the drop spindle. This beginner class will get you started and teach you how to use a top whorl drop spindle. Spindles and fiber will be available for purchase at Black Sheep. 
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Building Blocks
Back by popular demand! Improve your knitting skills one square at a time. This class will help you navigate through major knitting skills and techniques one at a time, each skill building upon the other. One block per month means that at the end of the year, not only will your knitting knowledge and confidence grow, but you will have a beautiful heirloom qualify afghan!! The “Building Blocks” instruction booklet is fully supported by online video tutorials.
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Rigid Heddle Weaving
This 2-part class will teach you the basics of weaving on a rigid heddle loom. This loom is a very basic, lightweight portable loom. During the 1st class we will learn to warp the loom and begin weaving. The second class we will learn how to finish our weaving. Cost of the class includes use of the loom for the week.
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Fixing Your Mistakes
This class will address those pesky mistakes that we all make: dropped stitches, yarn-over errors, effective ways to rip out. You will learn to recognize the most common problems and how to fix them. A must have class for knitters of all levels.
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Next Step Brioche
Learn how to work decreases, increases, and more in this brioche class. If you've taken the Intro to Brioche class or have some experience knitting brioche, this will be a great class for you! We will make a cowl together in the class with a pattern that Emily writes.
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Learn to Knit
This class teaches you everything you need to know to be a successful knitter! If you have never picked up needles, or if it has been a while and you just need a refresher, this class is for you. Learn the relaxing art of knitting! In this class, you will learn how to cast-on, knit and purl, bind off, and weave in ends. We'll be knitting a lovely scarf using worsted weight yarn. Pattern provided.
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Beginning Socks
When you learn to knit a pair of socks, you learn most of what you need to know about knitting: knitting in the round, decreasing, slipping and picking up stitches, and the infamous kitchener stitch. Come learn and have fun making socks in this 3-session class.
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Thrummed Mittens
Perhaps you have heard of this technique: thrumming. Learn to knit mittens using pieces of colored wool roving that forms a warm, padded lining on the inside. Great technique for added warmth.
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Rigid Heddle: Beyond the Basics
Take your rigid heddle weaving to a new level with the use of pick up sticks and warp manipulation. We will experiment on a pre-warped loom and learn various techniques. Come see what exciting things you do with this simple loom.
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Brioche Cables & Lace
Learn how to knit both brioche cables and lace in this workshop! Our first session will be the cable class, and our second session will be the lace class. You will make small swatches for each class to get the hang of the new stitches you are knitting. The image shown is a recommended pattern to try with your new skills! (Under Dutch Skies by Nancy Marchant)
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Advanced Moebius Basket
This workshop will get you started on your next Moebius bowl from The Second Treasury of Magical Knitting! If you've made a Moebius basket already, this is the class for you. You'll learn how to do the Moebius cast-on for projects that have more than one twist and more about the anatomy of the Moebius band. Our session will focus on the cast-on and the Moebius band for the basket, and you will leave the class ready to finish the base of the bowl and felt.
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Gauge & Yarns Workshop
Learn all about gauge and yarn selection in this interactive workshop! You will have a good bit of homework to prepare for the class: we will be using all your prep swatches in class. You'll learn how to measure gauge for plain stitch patterns and complex stitch patterns, along with how different yarns react to different patterns. Bring your favorite yarns and all your measuring supplies!
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Blocking Workshop
Is the blocking process a mystery to you? Then this informational session is designed to answer all your questions. We will explore how different fibers and knitted textures behave during blocking, as well as different methods and tools used for blocking. Bring your projects and questions!
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Beginning Spinning
Are you curious about spinning your own yarn? This class will get you started. Learn basic wheel mechanics, drafting techniques, fiber choices and various fiber preparations. Students will go home with their first singles yarn. Wheels and fiber will be provided.
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“As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by a knitting group (always a good sign) The staff offered to help, but stayed in the background when I said I wanted to look. What a wonderful place! Table & chairs for classes, a lovely 'sitting room' area & an excellent selection!” - Laurinda P.
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